Thursday, 28 February 2013

decoupage saves the day

I have a billion knitting projects on the go right now.  Or about a billion.  They are all staring at me, wondering why I have neglected them for the past few days...weeks...years....  A cardigan with no hood.  A baby doll with no basket.  A basket full of knit leaves, their ends waiting to be woven in.  I could go on.  And on...Where is my motivation these days??

So what do I decide to do instead of finishing off these little lovies? 

Decoupage of course!  I picked up this charmer while thrifting the other day...

Sometimes, you need to take a break from funk-induced projects.  I am loving my new book end, and it was super fun {especially having to constantly peel the dried glue off my fingertips.  Loved doing that secretly in my desk in my younger years}.  My detour proved to be a success, as I am ready to pick up one of my many unfinished knits {I'm coming for you, neglected cardigan}.  We are headed to Saskatchewan tomorrow, which means several hours straight of uninterrupted, quality knitting time.  Excited! 

Have an amazing weekend!  Can you believe we are entering March!?

Monday, 25 February 2013

i'd rather be thrifting

This weekend Mara and I set out for a little thrifting.  We rifled through records, rolled through the cups and saucers, and peed our pants a little when we found glass-topped mason jars for 29 cents.  

funny glasses on a funny girl.

While we were thumbing through books, I came across a baby book that was the same as the one passed down from my Grandma, so out of curiosity, I reached for it to see if it was still blank {if you are a mom who completely filled one of those bad-boys out, I am not only in awe of you, I also think you are superhuman and studies should be done on you.}  I was surprised to find it almost completely filled out...who gets rid of something like that?  While I enjoyed reading it's contents, it gave me a pang of sadness as well...

words written with love and excitement
an envelope sealed with said coins inside

these little mr.s have an open invitation to all my dinner parties

can't wait to paint this mirror up

vintage, hand-crafted wooden toy
perfectly-sized for mara come spring
pretty trays...
for pretty things.

Thrift stores aren't for everyone.  If you can't stomach the man you're standing behind clutching a mitt full of women's underpants {yes, I was}, or the overall smell {scarf?}, you may have vowed long ago to stay away.  But I urge you to get off your high horse and try again!  Or don't...more for me!   

Monday, 18 February 2013

good old fashioned family time

I love winding down from a busy week filled with friends, family, and special outings.  Our week had all of these things, and I feel exhausted tonight!  I sadly said goodbye to my dearest friend Jen and her baby girl Asha, who were on a ten day visit from Saskatoon.  I love watching our babes play together, and am always surprised at the changes they've made since the last time they met.  Asha is so full of life and excitement, and perfectly balances the quiet, gentle nature of Mara.  They will be the funniest pair one day...I wonder what their secret handshake will look like... 
tuckered after a morning swim
We headed out to the cabin for a few days.  Sometimes, though intentions are good, we end up spending less time together as a family, due to {many} projects around the house.  While we were out at the lake, we were able to focus on each other a little more.  Mara loves sitting in front of the fire, watching the flames crackle, and Ben loves building a fire, so that's a match made in heaven right there.  We fed the birds, went on winter walks, took family naps, played crib...just good old fashioned family time.  Beautiful.

working on a teeny spring cardigan while whooping the mr.'s butt.

cotton mustache bib

valentine visits.

he fed the whole village

chilly evening sled rides.

I think I will get a little knitting in before I go to bed tonight.  I am trying a new cardigan pattern, and am anxious to see it complete!  I'm brainstorming new images to put on the back of the sweater.  You've seen the mustache, the stag head, the rabbit, even some hipster glasses...What would you like to see for the Spring Cardigan?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

sunny sunday

It was a great show yesterday at the Mercer Collective...amazing space, awesome vendors, and delicious coffee just steps away.  I couldn't believe how many people came out for the very first show, it was steadily packed the entire day!  If you weren't able to make it out yesterday, make sure you try for next won't be disappointed!

my crew.

the victims of many little hands.  all out, but am taking orders! 

this vanity was given to me from a neighbour at our cabin.  so grateful!

beautiful grammy, who sat all day with my little rabbit.

While I love the rush right before a market, I doubly-love the feeling of calm after the last basket is unloaded from the vehicle.  After taking my amazing and supportive husband and mama out to dinner at the Blue Plate Diner, I put my patient babe {who sat all day with me at the market without a peep!} to bed, I settled in with a glass of wine before putting myself to bed.  Today, I am looking forward to nothing more than cleaning my neglected cannot make a trip across the floor without picking up a plethora of yarn clippings along the way.  There must be thirty skeins scattered around, and I can't set Mara down without her finding one to entangle herself in.   

am still remembering she reaches now...

Today, clean...tomorrow, start filling new orders!  And somewhere in between, put a few new projects up for you to see!  Happy Sunny Sunday!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

unanticipated crazyness

I am so excited to tell you that I just got word that I am going to be part of a fantastic new market! Late last night, as I was nursing my girl, I was lucky enough to stumble across the Mercer Collective, located on 104 street in the gorgeous Mercer Warehouse here in Edmonton.  Feeling ambitious, I applied for the upcoming event, assuming I was too late.  I awoke to a happy little email informing me I was in! 
High Five!! {side note on the high five...a few weeks back my hilarious Mom went to high five her doctor upon hearing good news, and was met with a confused, steely look from said doctor.  She very truly had to coax the man into meeting her halfway. I know. You wish you knew my Mom, don't you?}  Please, click on the Mercer Collective link above and check it out!  

Unfortunately, I will have to hold off on introducing my new items for the time's a sneak peek on a few sweeties I've been working on...

hand-knit birdies and matryoshka doll with tinkling bell on inside  

As for our day trip to the farm, it was lovely! Beautiful blue skies the whole way, I knit and happily sang along to Deep Dark Woods {in my head...Ben can only take so much}.  We had a wonderful visit with the in-laws, had an impromptu accordion recital by Mara's Grandpa, and even went to visit the bees by tractor.  

a partridge in a bare tree
visiting the bees in their winter home
favourite view at the farm

I'm off now to continue frantically knitting into the night.  Who are you excited to see at the Mercer??   

Sunday, 3 February 2013

february already?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this winter is flying by!  Mara is growing and changing every day, and keeping me happily busy.  In the span of one month, my little rabbit has started solids {everything should be banana flavoured}, can sit upright {with several nose-dives a day}, and now successfully dunks her head under water with little-to-no complaining {sputter}.  

I need to share with you what I found when I was treasure hunting the other day at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall.  It was so gorgeous and in such great condition, I had to buy it immediately.  When I'm treasure hunting, and I see something amazing, I turn into a crazed version of myself: elbows out, long strides, smoke coming out of my nostrils.  No.  No one was racing me for it.  But it's the practice I keep.  If you're in the mood for a treasure hunt, make sure this place is on your list! And when you're there, check out my partner in craft, Vintage Prairie Style.  She's upper level, and your elbows too will be ready to fight when you feast your eyes on her gorgeous pieces. 

It's beautiful, no?                                                

With the days so busy, it can be tricky to fit in my daily crafting quota.  I find myself frantically knitting while Mara visits the land of nod, any time I'm the passenger in the vehicle, or late into the night {sleep?}  I have been busy filling your amazing orders {THANK YOU!!}, and am still overwhelmed with the interest you have shown in my humbled knitting.  I thought I would take the next few weeks to come up with a few more items...I know what you are thinking: Anna, we have been so worried for you! How does a knitter survive the spring and summer months?  Worry not, dear friends!  I will be posting several projects I have been working on between orders...think cool cotton garments for chilly spring breezes, sweet playmates, and snuggly blankets to spread out on the soft, green grass {I promise you, it's under that snow somewhere}.  Think Spring!...too soon?

off to the farm now.  these little darlings are coming along. can't wait to show you what is in store!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

made it at make it...

Wow!  I cannot express what an awesome time I had at Make It this past weekend!  I loved every aspect of it, and feel so privileged to have been part of such a fantastic event!  During the four days, I met some amazing, wonderfully creative people, and am happy to say that I do believe I may have made a few more crafting friends!  Yipee!  The Enjoy Center was the perfect venue, where you could take a break from shopping and go grab a vanilla latte (might I say the best I've ever had?) and a bowl of amazing coconut and squash soup. The natural lighting was a gorgeous  bonus too! 

Here are a few snapshots of our whirlwind weekend...

mara was such a champ!  after a long day of setting up with grammie, she tuckered right out.  sweet girl.
these toques had to be replenished every night! if you visited this weekend, you may have caught me frantically knitting in our booth...

it was a amazing weekend with these beautiful ladies!
(from left: kellsie with gingerdoll, myself with roots to branches, kristyn with blue vanilla, and keya with vintage prairie style)
If you came by this weekend, thank you so much for your support!  I took a few days of relaxation (letting my hands go back to their original state...I may or may not have had claw hands by the end of Sunday...I may or may not have been able to properly hold my fork until yesterday...), and am now back at it, filling your orders!  There is still lots of time before Christmas, so if you saw something you liked and didn't buy it, or have a request for me, please contact me at!  I would love to make something for you or a loved one!  See below for some gift ideas!

currently taking orders for owl mitts all colours  $25

currently  taking orders for ribbon toque $20

currently taking orders for whimsy toque  $20

currently taking orders for felted booties   $18

currently taking orders for bonnet   $20

currently taking orders for baby cardigan   $50
(can do image seen on sweaters on back of cardigan ie moustache. will also take request and try to meet it)

currently taking orders for baby pull-over sweater   $50
(will take image requests)

currently taking orders for baby pull-over sweater   $50
(will take image requests)

What did you buy at Make It this weekend?