Tuesday, 5 February 2013

unanticipated crazyness

I am so excited to tell you that I just got word that I am going to be part of a fantastic new market! Late last night, as I was nursing my girl, I was lucky enough to stumble across the Mercer Collective, located on 104 street in the gorgeous Mercer Warehouse here in Edmonton.  Feeling ambitious, I applied for the upcoming event, assuming I was too late.  I awoke to a happy little email informing me I was in! 
High Five!! {side note on the high five...a few weeks back my hilarious Mom went to high five her doctor upon hearing good news, and was met with a confused, steely look from said doctor.  She very truly had to coax the man into meeting her halfway. I know. You wish you knew my Mom, don't you?}  Please, click on the Mercer Collective link above and check it out!  

Unfortunately, I will have to hold off on introducing my new items for the time being...here's a sneak peek on a few sweeties I've been working on...

hand-knit birdies and matryoshka doll with tinkling bell on inside  

As for our day trip to the farm, it was lovely! Beautiful blue skies the whole way, I knit and happily sang along to Deep Dark Woods {in my head...Ben can only take so much}.  We had a wonderful visit with the in-laws, had an impromptu accordion recital by Mara's Grandpa, and even went to visit the bees by tractor.  

a partridge in a bare tree
visiting the bees in their winter home
favourite view at the farm

I'm off now to continue frantically knitting into the night.  Who are you excited to see at the Mercer??   

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