Thursday, 29 November 2012

made it at make it...

Wow!  I cannot express what an awesome time I had at Make It this past weekend!  I loved every aspect of it, and feel so privileged to have been part of such a fantastic event!  During the four days, I met some amazing, wonderfully creative people, and am happy to say that I do believe I may have made a few more crafting friends!  Yipee!  The Enjoy Center was the perfect venue, where you could take a break from shopping and go grab a vanilla latte (might I say the best I've ever had?) and a bowl of amazing coconut and squash soup. The natural lighting was a gorgeous  bonus too! 

Here are a few snapshots of our whirlwind weekend...

mara was such a champ!  after a long day of setting up with grammie, she tuckered right out.  sweet girl.
these toques had to be replenished every night! if you visited this weekend, you may have caught me frantically knitting in our booth...

it was a amazing weekend with these beautiful ladies!
(from left: kellsie with gingerdoll, myself with roots to branches, kristyn with blue vanilla, and keya with vintage prairie style)
If you came by this weekend, thank you so much for your support!  I took a few days of relaxation (letting my hands go back to their original state...I may or may not have had claw hands by the end of Sunday...I may or may not have been able to properly hold my fork until yesterday...), and am now back at it, filling your orders!  There is still lots of time before Christmas, so if you saw something you liked and didn't buy it, or have a request for me, please contact me at!  I would love to make something for you or a loved one!  See below for some gift ideas!

currently taking orders for owl mitts all colours  $25

currently  taking orders for ribbon toque $20

currently taking orders for whimsy toque  $20

currently taking orders for felted booties   $18

currently taking orders for bonnet   $20

currently taking orders for baby cardigan   $50
(can do image seen on sweaters on back of cardigan ie moustache. will also take request and try to meet it)

currently taking orders for baby pull-over sweater   $50
(will take image requests)

currently taking orders for baby pull-over sweater   $50
(will take image requests)

What did you buy at Make It this weekend?

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  1. I am the one who bought your cozy blanket! I must say, I have absolutely ZERO buyer's remorse. I love curling up with it on the couch, snuggling with my son under it's warmth. I'm still trying to get him to love the toque as much as I do, though. :)