Monday, 18 February 2013

good old fashioned family time

I love winding down from a busy week filled with friends, family, and special outings.  Our week had all of these things, and I feel exhausted tonight!  I sadly said goodbye to my dearest friend Jen and her baby girl Asha, who were on a ten day visit from Saskatoon.  I love watching our babes play together, and am always surprised at the changes they've made since the last time they met.  Asha is so full of life and excitement, and perfectly balances the quiet, gentle nature of Mara.  They will be the funniest pair one day...I wonder what their secret handshake will look like... 
tuckered after a morning swim
We headed out to the cabin for a few days.  Sometimes, though intentions are good, we end up spending less time together as a family, due to {many} projects around the house.  While we were out at the lake, we were able to focus on each other a little more.  Mara loves sitting in front of the fire, watching the flames crackle, and Ben loves building a fire, so that's a match made in heaven right there.  We fed the birds, went on winter walks, took family naps, played crib...just good old fashioned family time.  Beautiful.

working on a teeny spring cardigan while whooping the mr.'s butt.

cotton mustache bib

valentine visits.

he fed the whole village

chilly evening sled rides.

I think I will get a little knitting in before I go to bed tonight.  I am trying a new cardigan pattern, and am anxious to see it complete!  I'm brainstorming new images to put on the back of the sweater.  You've seen the mustache, the stag head, the rabbit, even some hipster glasses...What would you like to see for the Spring Cardigan?

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