Monday, 25 February 2013

i'd rather be thrifting

This weekend Mara and I set out for a little thrifting.  We rifled through records, rolled through the cups and saucers, and peed our pants a little when we found glass-topped mason jars for 29 cents.  

funny glasses on a funny girl.

While we were thumbing through books, I came across a baby book that was the same as the one passed down from my Grandma, so out of curiosity, I reached for it to see if it was still blank {if you are a mom who completely filled one of those bad-boys out, I am not only in awe of you, I also think you are superhuman and studies should be done on you.}  I was surprised to find it almost completely filled out...who gets rid of something like that?  While I enjoyed reading it's contents, it gave me a pang of sadness as well...

words written with love and excitement
an envelope sealed with said coins inside

these little mr.s have an open invitation to all my dinner parties

can't wait to paint this mirror up

vintage, hand-crafted wooden toy
perfectly-sized for mara come spring
pretty trays...
for pretty things.

Thrift stores aren't for everyone.  If you can't stomach the man you're standing behind clutching a mitt full of women's underpants {yes, I was}, or the overall smell {scarf?}, you may have vowed long ago to stay away.  But I urge you to get off your high horse and try again!  Or don't...more for me!   

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