Sunday, 18 November 2012

making it this weekend...

With my Mister at his parents farm for the weekend, Mara and I shut ourselves in and made some serious progress for Make It.  I can't believe that it is this Thursday!! I am working like a maniac to get things done, and am pleased to say I am starting to check things off of my long list.  For those of you who have not visited Make It in the past, put it on your to-do list this weekend!  It is an amazing sale where tons of talented artisans band together and sell their beautiful handcrafted goods.  Make no mistake people, this is not your Grandma's craft fair (not that I don't love a knit tissue box cover...).  I will be there, sharing a booth with three other inspired ladies, selling knits, refinished furniture, and children's decor.  It's sort of a whole-shabang deal, and we hope you love it!

bits and pieces of my weekend...

beautiful view from our kitchen windows

knit, then felted booties, taking shape
an amazing gift from her uncle tim.  with any hope, she will be as musically talented as this thoughtful guy one day.
a little stretch out before mama-babe yoga.  what a beautiful hour  spent with my sweet baby girl.
finishing off a cross stitch for make it
a basket filled with unknit toques 

i love this colour of yarn i found

As I listen to my husband (he returned early, what a nice surprise!) sing Where Do You Go, My Lovely by No Mercy, i watch mara "bouncing" in her jolly jumper (it's not a bounce so much as a stand).  it's a good day.

allow me to leave you with a little treat.

I can't wait to post what I will be bringing to Make It early this week!  What do you hope to find at Make It?

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  1. You warm my heart over and over again, my friend. Also, I thought your husband was singing Peter Sarstedt when I first read your post... hahaha...